18×24 oil on panel

Durga Earp: 18×24 oil on panel

Happy Buddha 18×18 oil on panel

Descent 18×24 oil on panel

acrylic on panel

Pigs painted into on a thrift store painting

Horrible Beauty oil on panel 18×24

commissioned portrait

Red Beard. acrylic on panel 9×12

Belligerator album cover



Sirius (oil on panel) 18x24"

Sirius (oil on panel) 18×24″

Belligerator Album Cover (oil on panel, photoshop)




San Francisco, acrylic on canvas, approx. 72×48″


San Francisco

The Premonition, mixed media (sold)


Tell Tale Heart, oil on panel (18×24)

Childhoods End, oil on panel (43×27)


The Witches, oil on panel (16×20)


Bio-Shock, (oil on panel)

Leda's Pet Swan

Leda’s Pet Swan (oil on panel)

Persephone's BreakfastPersephone’s Breakfast

Monkey Masquerade (oil on board) (sold) – Skate-This-Art show


Fisherman’s Wife- (Gouache, pen and ink)

Halloween- (Gouache, pen and ink) (sold)

Heart- (Gouache, pen and ink)

Hypnosis- (Gouache, pen and ink)

Madonna-Child- (Gouache, pen and ink)

Noise Clinic – Linocut

Robot Prostitute- (Gouache, pen and ink)

Sapped Dry- (Gouache, pen and ink) (sold)

Vampires- (Gouache, pen and ink)